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Letters from the Sladden Family of Seward House

The Sladden family were prolific letter-writers and, what’s more, many of the letters have survived to the present day.  Mrs Eugénie Sladden lovingly kept most of the letters sent by her husband and her children.  Sadly, after her death in 1916, letters were not retained in the same way.  Julius Sladden did keep some letters but the number of letters for the latter part of the war are not so numerous.

These letters remained at Seward House until the last of the children, Juliet Sladden, died in 1984.  We are also fortunate that the daughters who remained living at Seward House also kept many of the letters they had received.  We are even more fortunate that the executors of Juliet Sladden’s will had the foresight to deposit the vast treasure trove of letters and photos at the Worcestershire Record Office.