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Where to Find the Letters and Photos

Transcripts of the letters may be found in the relevant sections below, together with images of the actual letters and a PDF file containing all the pages of the originals. The original letters are at one of two places:

The Worcestershire Archive and Archaeology Service - Two deposits were made in the mid 1980s following the death in 1985 of the last of the Sladdens at Seward House, Miss Juliet Sladden, by Dr Susan Sladden of Edinburgh and Dr Robert Sladden

The Imperial War Museum - Deposit made in 2012 by Ruth Burn, the granddaughter of Cyril and Mela Sladden. This contains mainly the correspondence of Cyril Sladden with his fiancee, Alice Amelia (Mela) Brown Constable, from 1913-1919, with a few letters from other people.