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April 15th 1918 - Letter from Arthur Sladden to his sister, May Sladden

15th April 1918
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Arthur Sladden
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May Sladden
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15th April 1918


My dear May


I haven’t yet written to thank you for writing from Folkestone to tell me about Aunt Lottie’s death. I hope you were able to get her things looked through during your stay there, and at the same time were able to make your stay somewhat of a rest.


We are having a very thrilling time here, and this second battle fought over ground that I know so well is intensely interesting to me. We get wounded in from the actual towns we were in and naturally are specially eager to hear the latest news.


Today news seems better and I hope the sweep forward towards Hazebrouck is now held. It is hardly to be expected that things can go on at this pace all the summer – but doubtless there are several more big thrusts to be met. A chief factor which reassures one here is the absolutely splendid morale of the men of our army – always cheerful and always confident of their superiority to the German when met in equal numbers. It would take a lot to beat such a spirit.


I hope the government steps to raise more men will be put through without any great trouble – undoubtedly it will upset trade conditions, but not so much as our defeat would upset things.


Our unit has moved a short distance, whether permanently or not I don’t know.


This is the anniversary of a very happy day four years ago. Each April I wonder if the next will see me back at last with Mary and our kiddie. I hope the move will be successfully arranged. I hope it is still possible to get furniture shifted. The saddest sight one sees here is the procession of refugees passing back, shelled out of their homes, but they stay till the last moment and go most reluctantly, and with no panic.


With love to you all

Your affectionate brother


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1 double sheet of notepaper
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