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July 12th 1917 - Letter from Bernard Sladden to his uncle, Julius Sladden

12th July 1917
Correspondence From
Bernard Sladden, Convalescent Camp
Correspondence To
Julius Sladden, Seward House, Badsey
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Convalescent Camp


7.30 pm, Thurs 12th July 17


Dear Uncle Julius


Since writing a letter to you and posting it earlier in the day, I have received your letter dated 8th inst. It seems that there must be a letter from you that was written which while I was in hospital that has not reached me, and the letter contains either a copy of the message you sent for me, or else a cable message to me from New Zealand. I have just inquired from the Post Office here whether there is a letter amongst the unclaimed letters in the office, but there is not one there for me. I do not doubt that the letter will find me some time but I don't know why this particular letter should have missed me while others have been delivered all right. If the cable you refer to was one to me from New Zealand, and you know the contents, could you repeat it for me, or if it came to you and was unopened could you get it repeated from the telegraph office. You mention of a cable communication in your note of 3rd July. I thought it referred to the letter you sent me in which you told me that you had cabled home for me as requested, but on looking at your note again I can see that you have sent me something else that has not reached me. I will write to the Post Office at Abbeville and inquire if there are any letters there for me. I am sorry there should have been any bother over my mail matters. They know at the Post Office at the hospital where the patients are sent to when convalescent and when it is so uncertain how long a person is likely to be in one place, it is not always advisable to give a fresh address, for a record is kept at each place, and the letters are sent on by the Post Office officials. I am not at the place in which you refer in your letter and I was afraid that I may not mention the name of the place while I am here. I learn that I am to move on to the base tomorrow and I have given you my address for that place.


Very many thanks for your letter and apologies for the bother I am giving you over the mail matter. What a busy time you will all have with the fruit. I wish I could be there to help you. You will be glad to see Arthur for a short while before he returns to France. I was interested to hear about the school enterprise at Evesham and I hope it will meet with every success.


Good wishes to all.



Your affectionate nephew

Bernard Sladden

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