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December 6th 1917 - Letter from Bernard Sladden to his uncle, Julius Sladden

6th December 1917
Correspondence From
Bernard Sladden, NZIBD, France
Correspondence To
Julius Sladden, Seward House, Badsey
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Dear Uncle Julius


I have received your letter written on 27th inst and also letters that you have readdressed to me. First there came one from Arthur, and last night the packet of 6 letters came, being two each from Maidie and Dolly, one from Arthur and one other letter. Needless to say I was pleased to get such a budget of news. I am not sure whether I have acknowledged receipt of two parcels that came about two weeks ago. I think I must have done so though. In any case, I must thank you for sending along my mail matter as it has arrived at Badsey. It would be a pleasant surprise for all of you to have had a visit from Arthur, and he would be glad of a little relaxation again from his duties over here. I am sorry Aunt Lottie has not been too well lately. Sickness is bad enough at any time and more so among the cold winter days.


As to my own plans, I am almost certain to be leaving here about the end of next week. I shall go right through to Torquay which is the Discharge Depot for the New Zealand Forces, and my leave will be given from there. I shall come before the doctors again and it will be decided then what is to be done with me. My own opinion is that a change to better conditions will help to build me up again.


Provided I can get leave for Xmas, are you quite sure that there will be room for me at Badsey? No doubt you have a family gathering and all available space will be made use of, so please don't hesitate to say if it would be more suitable for me to come at some other time. I don't think there will be any difficulty about leave. I think it will be as well to keep my letters or parcels until I send you my new address.


I am writing to Aunt Lottie today to acquaint her of my proposed movements and I hope to squeeze in the visit to Folkestone before Xmas.


There is nothing in my mind just at present to write about so I will close this and write to Aunt Lottie. The letters from home report "all well".


I remain

Your most affectionate nephew

Bernard Sladden

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