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January 31st 1918 - Letter from Bernard Sladden to his uncle, Julius Sladden

31st January 1918
Correspondence From
Bernard Sladden, YMCA, Torquay
Correspondence To
Julius Sladden, Seward House, Badsey
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Thurs 31/1/18


Dear Uncle Julius


You will not be prepared for the news that I am leaving here tonight for Liverpool to embark for New Zealand. Orders have come out that every available man is to go for there are three ships waiting and room on them to spare. I have done all possible to get permission to remain but it is no use. A written application for a period of leave, with the suggestion that I should be re-examined on the expiry of leave, with a view to further active service has been turned down. All the satisfaction I have got is that "if I get fit I can come back again"!!!


There is a very remote chance that I may be able to get time to run down from Liverpool to Badsey and say goodbye and collect my belongings. Some of the things in the drawer are not much value; and some bundles of letters could be burnt, but there are other articles I should be sorry to lose. Had I known twenty-four hours earlier that I was to go I could have asked you by now to put the things in the small kit bag and dispatch it to me on board the ship at Liverpool. I believe I should be on the "Tahiti". It seems that unless I can get time to collect the things myself, I shall have to leave them until an opportunity occurs for getting them sent out, or until I come back again from New Zealand.


Friday 1st Feb - I had not time to finish my letter yesterday and now I am on the boat after travelling most of the night. I believe we are to pull out into the stream this afternoon. I will have to ask you to let my belongings remain for the time being for there is no chance at all of getting them now. It has been a fearful rush and there are a good many others in the same predicament as myself with regard to their worldly goods, and disappointed as regards leave.


About my letters, please post them to the ranch, same address as you address Arthur. I must scribble a few more notes while there is a chance to post them, so I will say goodbye to you all again. I gave a telegram to a soldier this morning to dispatch to you advising you of my hasty departure and wishing you goodbye.


I will write again as soon as we have settled down and post the letter at first port of call.


Au Revoir



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