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July 15th 1914 - Letter from Cyril Sladden to his mother, Eugénie Sladden

15th July 1914
Correspondence From
Cyril Sladden, 12 Charleville Circus, Sydenham
Correspondence To
Eugénie Sladden, Seward House, Badsey
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12 Charleville Circus
Sydenham SE

July 15th 1914

My dear Mother

I must answer your letter before it gets any later in the week, though it is getting on towards bedtime.

I was glad I went up to see Betty last Friday; I felt she would be very disappointed if I also failed her. It was just as well that I was there to see Mrs Bowden, as Betty was busy at the time. The play was quite a success, and much better done that the “Critic” which I saw there one Christmas with Kath, although it was a distinctly difficult piece for them to tackle. I found it rather difficult to follow, as I could not hear very well during the first act, when I was a long way off; and it is not a very easy play to get the full meaning of at once, even on reading it.

I have been today with Mr Bowden to see the Parke-Davis laboratories at Hounslow. We met at his offices near Regent Street, and after an early lunch went out there together; I spent most of the afternoon looking round. They have a big place there, and it was very interesting seeing all the preparation of drugs of all kinds in large quantity; the elaborate system which has to be employed to prevent any confusion of labelling, or any incorrect mixing was also interesting. This is of course a very important matter, and entails a great deal of extra work. They are able to trace back all the sources of all the materials in any consignment sent out which may be wrong in any way, or which is complained of.

I have arranged to play tennis tomorrow afternoon with three other members of the staff, if it is fine. Also I have been invited to tennis at the Kendalls next Saturday. Jack Kendall left last week for the shores of the Caspian Sea, where he is likely to be for some years before he returns home again. His work is concerned with oil. I believe he has not abandoned all idea of going into the church, but is going to gain a little lay experience to start with. I saw the Kendalls on Sunday, and they seemed very sad at his departure.

Kath went to Highgate today and had her talk with Miss Lacey. I expect she will write soon and tell you all about it. It will be a good thing when her term comes to an end now, as she is showing signs of needing her holiday.

I hope the Newport experiment will turn out a good one.

Love to all from your affectionate son
Cyril E Sladden

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