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October 13th 1915 - Letter from Cyril Sladden to his mother, Eugénie Sladden

13th October 1915
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Cyril Sladden, Lemnos
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Eugénie Sladden, Seward House, Badsey
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Oct 13th 1915

My dear Mother

I have been put in the base details camp at Mudros, West Point. Nobody can say how long I shall be kept here, it may be anything. I am quite prepared to find I am kept some time a matter of several weeks perhaps. I know there cannot be any serious shortage up at the front at present as a fair number of new officers have just gone up. Also I am told that preference is given to officers here who have not yet seen any fighting. If this is correct my turn is likely to be some time ahead. On the other hand, none of these various surmises go for much and it is always possible that I shall get sudden orders to go across.

I was able to get ashore for a little while on Saturday and Sunday. On the first occasion I went to our kit stores at Mudros, but found that my valise had been sent back to some destination unknown. I hope it will be sent back here from Alexandria where a telegram has been sent by the authorities. It would be very convenient to secure it again before I move from here.

It is a strange sort of existence here, doing the old familiar training work just by way of keeping the men’s hands in properly and keeping them fit; but with men who have, many or most of them, recently been in the real thing it seems rather odd playing the sham game.

This is a much more habitable spot than it was when I last stayed here; it rains sometimes and jolly hard too, so the dust is not bad. Also it is never unduly hot, there is often a considerable wind and it is chilly at times. So it is quite possible to feel really energetic. We are a long way from Mudros where we were then, on the opposite side of the harbour, near the more hilly part of the island. It is very rocky here, and there is no scrub as on the peninsula, but in general features there is a great similarity. We are able to purchase material to supplement rations and make a fair officers’ mess, the very high prices being the main objection. I am one of three in a tent, fewer than most wherein I am lucky. Marshall is one of the three as he followed me up here only a day or two behind and we were both sent here on Monday. Beard has been here a long time; he missed our big show in August through sickness. Rawle is here too, recovered from the shrapnel bullet wound on his finger that sent him back an hour or two before we started on that same show. I also found Dick New here, he was put off the other day to join the details of the 4th battalion. I am feeling very fit, and walk quite decent distances without feeling it at all, except about the feet which have grown a little soft. I want to turn in to bed so will end.

Best love to all from
Your affectionate son
Cyril E Sladden

PS - You might address some of my letters to 13th Division Base Details, Lemnos, in case I am still here.

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