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December 20th 1915 - Postcard from Cyril Sladden to his fiancée, Mela Brown Constable

20th December 1915
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Cyril Sladden
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Mela Brown Constable, Sisters' Quarters, University House, Birmingham
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Dec 20th 1915


Last night I took part in a most interesting proceeding which I forbear to describe, though I have little doubts the papers will have plenty to say about it in a day or two. As a result this morning finds me in a place I have not previously been in, enjoying the chance of stretching my legs and walking without turning a corner every five yards. I don't expect to be here long, and anticipate a move to an old familiar spot for a time, probably to spend Christmas there. Subsequent proceedings are wrapped in the usual fog of war; it may be a return to the scene of war I went to when I originally came out.

If the papers do enlighten you, you will understand pretty well why you have lately had so few letters; but I think I can pretty safely promise a great improvement in that in the future. I am hoping we shall get a real good fat Christmas mail in a few days’ time. No letters have been forthcoming lately, but I didn't expect any under the circumstances.

I am splendidly fit, and don't need a rest in the least, but don't object to getting one all the same. It will be nice not to have to turn out for 3 hours or so every night; possibly I may be really busier by day under changed conditions. We have been awfully lucky with weather lately; today is perfect and we can be out in the sun and snooze comfortably with no coats on and one cannot believe Christmas is this week.

As this is not a letter but only a message to report progress, I refrain from mentioning a cheery bit of news I have for your next letter. Please pass my news on to all at home.

Very best love from
Your own

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