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June 30th 1918 - Letter from Cyril Sladden to his father, Julius Sladden

30th June 1918
Correspondence From
Cyril Sladden
Correspondence To
Julius Sladden, Seward House, Badsey
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June 30th 1918


My dear Father


The last mail came in over a week ago, bringing your letters of April 16th and 29th, also May’s of 14th, written from Folkestone. I was glad to have the two accounts in full of all the circumstances of Aunt Lottie’s funeral. It had not occurred to me that she would be the sixth member of your family to be buried in Ash churchyard.


I am very glad to know that you have the life interest of her money to help you so soon as you feel you must retire from business. This will make it possible to do so just as early as you feel desirable, which will be a very good thing. I expect you feel at present like most people that you prefer to have regular business while the war lasts.


As regards purchase of any of Aunt Lottie’s furniture that may be useful to us, I have written to Mela giving her a free hand. As a matter of fact I did so in a general way some time ago, when I said she might purchase anything on our behalf which she saw an opportunity of getting good and inexpensive; particularly if it was something she might be able to make use of herself in the meanwhile. I think furnishing is likely to be pretty difficult and expensive after the war, so it is worth taking good bargains if they offer themselves.


Unfortunately such hopes as I had of getting home on leave this year have come to nothing. However I have recently heard that the number of passages granted monthly is to undergo a very substantial increase. So I hope those who were more fortunate on the last lot of applications may be worked off in a few months, and then perhaps I may be able to put in and try my luck a second time. Our Colonel, who was among the winners last time is now hoping he may get away in the autumn.


I was very pleased yesterday to be visited by Wilfred, whose present duties have brought him into this part of the country. As he had to motor over to this district on business he took the opportunity to call in, and was here for most of the middle of the day. His headquarters are in a town not very far off, and as his work is likely to take him motoring all round a lot I hope I may see more of him before long. I have told him to come and spend a night or two any time he can. One day is not enough to form more than a very slender acquaintance, so I hope I may soon have a chance to get to know him a lot better. I never doubted but that we should hit it off together very well. He reminded me at times quite strongly of Cecil, but I didn’t catch any resemblance to Mela.


It is getting hot steadily, but is on an average several degrees cooler than last year so far. The next six weeks will see the hottest spell through now.


News lately has been pretty satisfactory, so I hope it may continue so.


I am afraid I was too preoccupied to remember to write for your birthday. However I did not forget it the other day, and you had my best wishes.


Love to all from

Your affectionate son

Cyril E Sladden

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