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December 6th 1918 - Letter from Cyril Sladden to his father, Julius Sladden

6th December 1918
Correspondence From
Cyril Sladden
Correspondence To
Julius Sladden, Seward House, Badsey
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Dec 6th 1918


My dear Father


I have not attempted to write for a long time as I anticipated room after my last doing so that by waiting some weeks I should be able to get letters through in a very much quicker time than I have during the past two years or more. Although this new line is not yet open in a regular way I am able to get an officer to take this letter with him on a special trip to a place where I hope he can post it so that you may get it about the end of the month. If this plans out as I hope it will be in advance of several of my earlier letters. I was just on the move from where I had spent a good time when the armistice with Turkey caused a complete change in our orders. We turned about on our heels, and made a move in the opposite direction, and now I am back again where I was I the beginning of September; luckily the conditions are much more agreeable now than they were at that time. We are in the best billets we have ever had, and they contain enough furniture so that we have been able to get things very much in order . The building is really flats, most of which have been built and filled on an expensive scale, and much of the furniture is very good. The flats were practically all empty the owners having had to clear out for their lives in the recent troublous (sic) times that this town has been through. Much of the more portable part of what they left has been looted, so that we are left mainly with the heavy stuff, or that of less value.


After our almost interminable period of waiting some mails have at last begun to roll up, and about a week ago I had yours of July 18th and Aug 2nd, also Jack’s of June 20th and May’s July 7th. Yours of June 30th that you refer to has not arrived so perhaps it was in the mail that was reported lost: however the whole mail was certainly not lost between the 19th and 26th as reported, as I have had letters and papers between these dates. Please thank May for her long epistle, and while I think of it congratulations to Betty on [flaving?] her examiners at the first attempt.


You had recently seen my majority gazetted about the time I wrote; it took another five months for the official news of it to reach me. I got the extract first in a stray Berrow’s Worcester Journal that turned up all by itself somehow for Major Gibbon; and it was received officially through the usual channels about the day afterwards. I was very lucky to get it as I believe temporary officers can now only get the rank after (I think) ten years of service which very few of course could show; this is an order issued after my recommendation went through. Only promotion to acting rank above captain is given now in other cases. I believe the grant of the bounty at the end of the term of services goes by substantive rank, not acting rank, so it will make a difference there. Then of course I get nearly a full year’s back pay for the difference in rank which amounts to a lot. With prices at their present level all these little increments are very welcome.


I have little time to write on this occasion, as the officer is leaving almost immediately. I hope opportunities of posting will soon be frequent and regular so that you may be able to get more letters pretty soon.


Best love to all from

Your affectionate son

Cyril E Sladden

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