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October 22nd 1918 - Letter from George Sladden to his father, Julius Sladden

22nd October 1918
Correspondence From
George Sladden, BEF
Correspondence To
Julius Sladden, Seward House, Badsey
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22 Oct 1918

My dear Father

I have found it necessary to issue peremptory orders to myself to get on with this letter. It has been hanging fire for about four days, owing to the fact that I have been feeling very like a corpse all that time – being in the grip of this beastly influenza. During the whole of that time I have been at the Base waiting to be sent to England on substitution-exchange for six months. There are still a few more Army Forms to be completed before I can be sent over – at least I believe that is the reason of the delay – but I hope that I shall not be held up much longer. When I get over I believe I shall get a short period of leave before taking over duty at the Depot Battalion. But I shall not know anything definite until I have first reported there. I shall be glad to get away from here. The Base is comfortable enough but life in a clearing-house is not satisfactory. There is no time to form acquaintanceships for the coming and going is too rapid. Apart from that we are very well off: the training is entirely recreational – hockey, baseball, boxing, jumping and open-air games of every kind to promote fitness and agility. And, of course, there is a comfortable Mess and plenty of institutions handy; and matches and baccy are obtainable!

It is hardly worth while giving you my present address. Unless my luck is out I ought to be away from here before any letter from you could arrive here. I will let you know more about myself when I get back to London.

Love to all from


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Envelope containing 1 double sheet of notepaper
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Worcestershire Archive and Archaeology Service
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