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June 13th 1915 - Letter from Juliet Sladden to her father, Julius Sladden

13th June 1915
Correspondence From
Juliet Sladden, The Grove School, Highgate
Correspondence To
Julius Sladden, Seward House, Badsey
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The Grove School
London N

Sun June 13th 1915

My dear Father

This will have to be a very short letter as I have been on duty all the morning, and I have promised to take an hour’s duty again after tea for someone who is going out to tea. We have got a child with a cough which the doctor is practically certain is whooping-cough, so I have asked Miss Fletcher if I may help with her – getting her meals etc, and she said she would be very glad to have my help. I always feel as safe as a house near whooping-cough!

I hope it will be a nice day like this a fortnight today. I wonder if we shall have OG Day if Sylvia Johnstone has got whooping-cough. It will be rather annoying if all the trouble that we have taken already over the play is all for nothing.

How is Ellen getting along? Will she last out till I come home? I quite hope we shall be without anyone next holidays for washing up and laying table for six or seven is an anti-climax after 50!

It certainly looks rather as if Cyril is going to the Dardanelles after all.

Don’t be alarmed about Zeppelins. We all feel quite safe with our anti-aircraft gun so near with a five-mile range; and anyway if you think of the millions of houses in London, it would be rather a piece of bad luck if they hit on 1 The Grove. I expect people in Worcestershire are far more nervous about Zeppelins for Londoners than Londoners are themselves; it often happens that way. Anyway, I don’t sleep on the roof regularly, and if you really would be happier, I won’t any more.

I must fly now, with love your affectionate daughter
Juliet E Sladden

PS – Is Miss de Costa Badie going to that what’s its name place?

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Envelope containing 1 sheet of notepaper
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