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November 1st 1877 - Letter from Julius Sladden to his fiancée, Eugénie Mourilyan

1st November 1877
Correspondence From
Julius Sladden, Chipping Norton
Correspondence To
Eugénie Mourilyan, 188 Boulevard Haussmann, Paris
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Chipping Norton

Nov 1st /77

My Darling Eugénie,

I was very glad this afternoon to receive your dear little letter, in answer to my hurried note written in London, how nice it is to hear you say, dearest, how happy my visit made you, ah, my love, it is sweet to me too, the remembrance of those three days, too short alas, we spent together.

I managed to get through all my business in London on Tuesday even to ordering my wedding suit, my tailor was extremely anxious for me to have a white waistcoat for the occasion but I declined for I never wear such a thing, however if you would prefer it I will order one.

I called at the shipping office in London and found that George was appointed to the command of “The Lincolshire” sailing Dec 8th. I see the advt. appears today in “the Times” and “Standard”.  We shall regret his absence at our wedding, dear, but I am pleased that he has got the promotion.

The house work goes on well and I hope in four weeks to get in without much discomfort, the rooms at the top of the house and our room are just finished and can be scrubbed out ready for the furniture at once, the other bed-rooms too are painted and I hope will be papered and finished next week, the drawing room is in hand but of course will be longer furnishing.

The same post that brought your letter brought one from Miss Hougham telling me she had despatched a wedding present but the box has not yet arrived so I must wait till my next letter before I can tell you what it is. I need hardly say she wrote very kindly.

Mrs Chouls was rather grumpy when I returned but is all right again, to-day she produced a wedding present in the shape of a butter or preserve dish with plated lid which she hoped you would not be angry at my accepting!

I did not quite understand the allusion but told the old woman I received it with much pleasure and was sure you would be pleased too.

I quite agree with you that wedding cards are a nuisance, and I think really unnecessary, I hold in still greater abomination the custom of sending about by post &c greasy scraps of wedding cake, is that a sine quâ non?

So you thought of me, darling, about the time I was arriving home on Tuesday, do you know I wondered then whether you were thinking about it.

I am glad you got through a good deal in your day’s shopping with Mrs Parmely and hope that you won’t be much bothered in getting things ready, fancy, next month, my Eugénie, our wedding month! how I count the time till that eventful day when I come over once more to claim my “little wife,” I need but little assurance to feel that she will be indeed a loving “little wife” for I know her fond heart needs but the responsive love of her husband to draw forth the rich treasure of her deep true love!

Mr Mitchell left on Wednesday he has promised to come and take charge about 12th Dec.  Now I am back Mr Hitchman is once more happy I fear he will be sad again in six weeks!

And now good-bye for the present, with fondest love
Ever believe me
Your own affectionate

Julius Sladden  

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