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September 26th 1878 - Letter from Julius Sladden to his wife, Eugénie Sladden

26th September 1878
Correspondence From
Julius Sladden, Ship "Lincolnshire"
Correspondence To
Eugénie Sladden, 16 Albion Place, Ramsgate
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Ship “Lincolnshire”

Sept 26th /78

My Darling Wife,

Having just finished lunch I will bring a pencil and paper on deck that I may enjoy the sea air while writing to you, I have just had a look at your photo and it has made me long for a kiss, I do hope my loving little Eugénie is well and happy.

I suppose you received the few lines I scribbled off Gravesend, well – we started about 1P.M. in tow of the tug “Rescue” and as the evening was clear we went on all night with the tug instead of anchoring at the Nore, I stopped on deck till about 10-30 when we could see the Ramsgate lights so having said good night to my “little wife” in the distance I went to bed, the strange noises kept me awake for some time but I did not really feel tired however after a few hour’s snooze I woke up just in time to look out of my cabin window and see the tug cast off, this was about 5A.M. and we were then off Dungeness with a fair breeze, this lasted for only a few hours when we had sighted Beachy Head and then it fell dead calm for a short time the sea being as smooth as a pond, soon a strong S.W. breeze came up, which being foul compelled us to tack and a long run was made over to the coast of France, which was sighted very early on Wednesday morning the ship was then put about on the counter tack and we fetched the Wight at evening, having tacked again she was doing no good for a few hours till eleven P.M. when a fair North wind came up and so all night we were running well along the Channel and when I came on deck a little before 8 this (Thursday) morning we had passed Portland Bill, had the breeze continued we should have reached Plymouth in the evening but it has calmed and is less fair what there is of it so I suppose we must not expect to get there until Friday, we are now 1P.M. nearly abreast of the Start but the wind is contrary, I will now leave my letter and continue it after dinner.

6P.M. Friday
Have just made a capital dinner. I felt very well indeed and fed well till yesterday (Thursday) when I managed my lunch all right but got queer in the afternoon, as did all on board except the sailors, could not manage any dinner and about 7 o’clock fed the fishes, much to my relief, then I went and lay down and after a nap managed a slight supper and my night’s rest set me up again especially as the water was smoother this morning, I hope now to escape any further ill effects and if so shall consider myself fortunate, as it is I have enjoyed the sun and think it will do me good but I shall be quite ready to get home again for I want to see my little pet after so long an absence, I hope she is enjoying herself at Ramsgate.

We are still progressing but slowly, should the wind get a little more favourable we shall be at Plymouth to-morrow morning but if not it may take us nearly or quite another day so I am told.

On my arrival this letter shall be posted and as soon as I have read any letters for me will telegraph my movements, should the Evesham affair be open still I may probably go to see it on Saturday.

I do not think of anything more to say so Good-night my darling, God bless you, your “hubby” wants a kiss from his Eugénie very much.

Ever believe me my darling
Your own loving Husband

Julius Sladden 

Friday Morning 7.30

Just anchored, all well.

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Envelope containing 2 double sheets of notepaper
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