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March 20th 1898 - Letter from May Sladden to her sister, Kathleen Sladden

20th March 1898
Correspondence From
May Sladden, Woodford House, Dingwall Road, Croydon
Correspondence To
Kathleen Sladden
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Woodford House
Dingwall Rd

Mar 20th/98

My dear Kathleen,

I must write to you today.  I can write again in the week for your birthday.  You may be prepared for rather a mad sort of letter, I feel – well, all sorts of things.  

We break up April 1st but I am going to leave on the 31st in time to go to the wedding, then if Sister will have me I am coming on to Clewer to stay till the following Monday.  I have written to ask her if she can have me & fully expect an affirmative answer.  If not I shall give it all up as a bad job.

You know I am not coming back here?  I am going to stay at home all next term, won’t it be simply glorious, poor old girl I know you will envy me.  I am so glad not to be coming back here, I don’t think I could stand another term of it.  You see I can be looking out for something to do after the summer holidays.  I have got a horrid cold & cough & also a headache & the remains of a toothache this evening, that is partly why I feel so wild.

I can’t trouble to think but just put down what comes first.  I am simply sick & tired of the two children.  I have such a dose of them on Saturday & Sunday, one is not such a bad little thing sometimes, but the other well I don’t often dislike children, but I do absolutely dislike that child, I find it hard to speak to her without getting in a rage.

I had a little respite this afternoon I went to tea at the Hasleys, Miss Hasley is the second form mistress here & lives in the town, they were very nice.  Yesterday week I spent a good part of the day with Miss Newton, she is very nice, I often see her now at Church, perhaps I may go & see her again next Saturday.  There are only ten days more of the term, but I feel as if those ten days would never go.  Oh! how lovely it will be a fortnight today.  I did get a letter from Miss White on the Monday evening.  I cannot tell you much about it, except that it was a lovely letter, but I will show it you when we meet, oh when!!!  She told me you had been to tea with her, I am so glad.  My head is “splitting” I must go to bed.  I will write again on Thursday in time for your birthday.  Goodbye, much love from your very loving sister

May E. Sladden

Thank Emily for her message & give her my love.  Tell her I shall be quite mad with excitement when I get to Clewer.

P.S to P.S.  Talking of Clewer the Vicar preached such a screamingly funny sermon last Wednesday, nearly the whole church were in fits & even your sober sister could not keep her countenance!!

Eleven days more!!! =264 hours more Ʀ 10/10  V. G. 

I mustn’t laugh any more at George’s mad letters.


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