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Montague John Strachey HARPER (1873-1925)

Biographical Details

Montague John Strachey Harper (1873-1925) was the husband of Lilian Harper (née Butler), who was the niece of Eugénie Sladden.  Montague is referred to in one letter written by his wife’s aunt, Polly Robinson, on 8th June 1914.

Montague was born in 1873, the elder of two children and only son of Robert Harper, an agent for an India Rubber Manufacturer, and Edith Harper.  He was born in Effingham, Surrey, but grew up in Weybridge.

On 20th October 1903, Montague married Lilian Mary Butler at Weybridge, Surrey.  Montague was Manager of Motor Detachable Covers for Tyres Company.  They had two children, Gwendoline Monica (1905-1967) and Geoffrey Strachey (1911-1981).  In 1911 they lived at Merlwood, Oatlands Park, Weybridge, Surrey.

A letter written by Lily’s aunt, Polly Robinson, on 7th May 1914, reveals that Montague and Lily let out their house for 16 weeks, so the two children with two nurses went to stay with their grandmother, Fanny Butler.  A letter of 8th June 1914 reveals that Montague had got whooping cough so went to stay with his mother. 

Montague died at Holmcroft, Berrylands Road, Surbiton, on 21st March 1925.

Letters mentioning this person: