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Christine Thornton SIMPSON (later PIRIE) (1914-1989)

Biographical Details

Christine Thornton Simpson (1914-1989) was the daughter of George Thornton Simpson who was the step-son of Eugénie Sladden’s niece, Mary Simpson (née Robinson).

Christine was born in Nottingham in June 1914, the elder of two children of George Thornton Simpson and his wife, Maud (née Turney).  Her birth is referred to in a letter of 8th June 1914 written by Mary Anna (Polly) Robinson.  Reference is also made to her and her parents on the occasion of their visit to Devon in August 1915.

Christine married Eric Seaforth Pirie in the Basford district of Nottingham in 1937.

Christine died on 27th April 1989 in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire; her husband died in Monmouthshire in 1991.

Letters mentioning this person: