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Evelyn Joyce Carmont ALLSEBROOK (1914-2002)

Known As
Biographical Details

Evelyn Joyce Carmont Allsebrook (1914-2002), known as Joyce, was the daughter of the Vicar of Badsey, Aldington and Wickhamford.

Joyce was born on 3rd August 1914 in Badsey Vicarage, one day before the outbreak of the First World War, the younger of two children of William Carmont Allsebrook and his wife, Evelyn Kate (née Hands).  Her birth is mentioned in two letters written by the Sladdens in August 1914.  Mrs Allsebrook’s parents also lived at the Vicarage, so Joyce grew up with her maternal grandparents close by.

Joyce never married.  Following her father’s death, she lived as a recluse in Port Street, Evesham and died at Bricklehampton Hall Nursing Home on 20th June 2002; she was buried at Badsey six days later.

Joyce had kept numerous documents relating to her late father in her home.  Mrs Adah Hemming of The Drift, Badsey, who often visited Miss Allsebrook, and who cleared the house after her death, saved the items which she thought were of interest. Six years later, Adah’s son, Rob, found the box and got in touch with The Badsey Society which are now deposited in The Badsey Society archive.

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