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Elizabeth Mabel SLADDEN (later ELLIOTT) (1915-?)

Betty Sladden (standing) with her mother and sister, Mary, at Petone in 1922.
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Elizabeth Mabel Sladden (1915-?), known as Betty, was the great-niece of Julius Sladden, being the daughter of Edmund Mourilyan (Bob) Sladden, who was the son of Julius’ elder brother, Dilnot (1842-1906).  Betty is mentioned in a letter written by her aunt, Dolly, on 3rd October 1915, and in a postcard written by her grandmother on Christmas Day 1916.

Betty Sladden was born on 30th March 1915, the eldest of three children of Bob and Star Sladden.

Betty married John McMahon Elliott on 9th May 1942 at Wellington.

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