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Francis Dilnot SLADDEN (1870-1939)

Family photo of Frank Sladden (seated front row, right) with his parents and four of his brothers, around the early 1890s – by kind permission of Patsy Miller.
Known As
Frank; Francis
Biographical Details

Francis Dilnot Sladden (1870-1939), known as Frank, was the nephew of Julius Sladden, being the son of Julius’ elder brother, Dilnot (1842-1906).  He is mentioned in two letters written by his sister, Dolly, on 3rd October 1915 and 12th November 1915.  He is also mentioned in a letter of 3rd September 1906 written by his cousin, May, on the sad occasion of Frank's father's sudden death.

Frank Sladden was born at Christchurch on the south island of New Zealand in 1870, the third of 11 children of Dilnot and Elizabeth Sladden.  By 1872 the family had moved to the Oxford district of Canterbury.  He and his siblings were known collectively as “the Oxford Eleven”.

Francis did not marry.  He died at Hanmer Springs, Hurunui and was buried at Taita, Wellington, on 22nd January 1939.

Letters mentioning this person: