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Dilnot Bristow SLADDEN (1904-1965)

Biographical Details

Dilnot Bristow Sladden (1904-1965) was the son of Percival John Sladden, who was the son of Julius Sladden’s elder brother, Dilnot (1842-1906).

Dilnot Sladden was born at Marton, New Zealand, on 28th August 1904, the eldest of six children and only son of Percival John Sladden and his wife, Mary Bouchier (née Bristow).  Dilnot is mentioned in the diaries of his great-aunt, Charlotte Hayward, and his first-cousin-once-removed, May Sladden, when they visited from England in 1905-1906.

Dilnot married Ethel Vida Halse on 30th November 1932 at Marton.

Dilnot died, aged 60, on 13th August 1965 at Wanganui, Rangitikei.

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