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William Stanley NEW (1886-1937)

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William Stanley New (1886-1937), known as Stanley, was the son of Geoffrey and Margaret New who were friends of the Sladden family.

Stanley was born at Evesham on 9th October 1891, the second of five children of Geoffrey New, a solicitor, and his wife, Margaret Henrietta (née Roscoe).  In a letter of February 1916 he was referred to as “Mr New’s eldest son”.  Stanley was the eldest surviving son as his older brother, Geoffrey, had died in 1888 when Stanley was two.

Stanley grew up at Greenhill Park, Evesham.  He was educated at Charterhouse School and then trained as an engineer at the University of London where he was a member of the OTC.  At the time of the 1911 census he was boarding at a house in Rotherham, working as a mining engineer.

During World War I, Stanley served with the Royal Engineers as 2nd Lieutenant.  He was in East Africa from January 1916 to December 1917 and in Italy from November 1918 to March 1919.  A letter of February 1916 referred to the fact that Stanley had been slightly wounded in East Africa.

After the war, Stanley’s job as a mining engineer took him to Bolivia.

Stanley died at 6 Woodlands, Northside, Clapham Common, Surrey on 15th January 1937, aged 50.

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