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Edith Dilys Wynn RICHARDS (1902-1985)

Known As
Dilys Richards
Biographical Details

Edith Dilys Wynn Richards (1902-1985), known as Dilys, was a pupil at The Grove School, Highgate, and a music pupil of Juliet Sladden. 

Dilys was born on 2nd August 1902 at Penstrowed, Montgomeryshire, the youngest of three children of the Reverend William Lewis Jones Richards and his wife, Edith Sarah (née Thomas).  She was baptized at St Gwrhai, Penstrowed, on 3rd October 1902 by her grandfather, the Reverend William Richards, Rector of Cemmaes.

At the time of the 1911 census, the family lived at Llangyniew Rectory, Welshpool, where Dilys’ father was now the Rector.

Dilys became a pupil at The Grove School at about the beginning of 1915.  She is first mentioned in a letter of 28th February 1915 when Juliet Sladden wrote to her father saying that there had been great excitement when Dilys’ brother came home from the trenches and picked her up at the school.  Dilys is also mentioned in a letter of 13th March 1915.  As her parents were unable to afford the fees of the music teacher, Miss Hamilton, Juliet was asked to give her piano lessons.

Dilys’ father died in 1921 and her mother in 1923.  In 1929, Dilys married Norman Frank Bayliss, a motor car engineer, 18½ years her senior.  They settled in Tettenhall, near Wolverhampton, which was Norman’s home town.

Norman Bayliss died in April 1965 at Tettenhall.  Dilys remained living at their home, 6 Danescourt Road, Tettenhall, dying there over 20 years later on 1st October 1985.

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