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Miriam Bay BROWN CONSTABLE (later MYLNE) (1892-1981)

Biographical Details

Miriam Bay Brown Constable (1892-1981) was the first-cousin-once-removed of Mela Brown Constable (fiancée of Cyril Sladden).

Miriam Brown Constable was born on 13th September 1892 at 5 Bays Hill Terrace, Cheltenham, the only child of Captain Charles William Nelson Brown Constable, an officer in the Royal Garrison Artillery, and his wife, Fanny Blanche Janet (née Allies).

Miriam was aged 19 when her father died in 1912.

During the First World War, Miriam was involved with good works for the war effort in Cheltenham.  Advertisements in the Cheltenham Chronicle and Gloucestershire Chronicle in November and December 1917 reveal that Miriam was the producer of an original revue called “Paste-ons” at the Hippodrome in aide of the Red Cross.

In April 1918, Miriam paraded in Birmingham with members of the Women’s Voluntary Services.  Mela had been present at the recruiting rally during the day, but did not see Miriam as she did not go to the Town Hall in the evening which was when Miriam was there.  Miriam enrolled with the Women’s Royal Naval Service on 12th September 1918.

In 1922 in the Westhampnett district of Sussex, Miriam married Alfred Mylne.  Alfred died in Cheltenham in 1951.  Miriam died in Cheltenham in 1981, aged 88.

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