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Evelyn Mary Hope FERGUSON (1915-1920)

Biographical Details

Evelyn Mary Hope Ferguson (1915-1920) was the first-cousin-once-removed of Mela Brown Constable (the fiancée of Cyril Sladden).

Evelyn Ferguson was born in a nursing home for officers’ wives in London on 21st May 1915, the only child of Kenneth Bethune Ferguson and his wife, Clementina Hope Ferguson (née Brown Constable).

Evelyn died on 26th October 1920 at Treloars Cripples Hospital, Alton, Hampshire, aged 5.  This hospital was for children suffering from tuberculosis and polio. Evelyn was buried in Chawton graveyard where approximately 70 children from Treloars are buried. She had a small raised cross.

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