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Victorine Beaudry GARDINER (née ?) (?-1915)

Biographical Details

Victorine Beaudry Gardiner (?-1915) was the wife of Francis Lionel Gardiner who was the brother of Caroline Florence Mourilyan (née Gardiner), who was the sister-in-law of Eugénie Sladden (née Mourilyan).

Little is known about Victorine.  It is assumed she was born in France but her date of birth and maiden name are unknown.  She had married Francis Lionel Gardiner by August 1878 as in a letter of 30th August 1878, Fred Mourilyan described meeting Lionel’s wife for the first time. 

Victorine and Lionel went to live in America but returned in October 1881.  Fred Mourilyan indicated in a letter of 23rd December 1881 that Lionel had not been at all well.  They stayed at St Leonards, Sussex, where Lionel’s parents then lived.

They were staying with Lionel’s brother, the Reverend Frederic Evelyn Gardiner, at St Paul’s Vicarage, Truro, when Lionel died on 2nd September 1883, aged 32.

Victorine’s whereabouts after this unknown; it is assumed that she went to live in France.  We know from her will that she died at 14 Rue Georgeville, Paris, on 1st June 1915.

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