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Thomas WOOD (1815-1894)

Known As
Uncle Tom
Biographical Details

Thomas Wood (1815-1894) was the uncle of Eugénie Sladden (née Mourilyan).

Thomas Wood was born at Sandwich, Kent, in 1815, the youngest of 11 children of James Wood, a merchant, and his wife, Susanna (née Fowle).

Thomas was married three times.  By his first wife, Georgiana Elizabeth Harrison, whom he married at Edmonton in 1841, he had four children (one died in infancy), all born in India; Georgiana died in 1847.  By his second wife, Sophia Goldie, whom he married at Dinapore, Bengal, in 1849, he had four children (one died in infancy), all born in India; Sophia died in Cheltenham in 1862.  On 30th July 1863 at St George, Bloomsbury, London, Thomas married Isabelle Goldie Murray (who was the cousin of his second wife, Sophia).  They had four children born at Sandwich in the 1860s, but all died in infancy.

From the 1860s onwards, Thomas remained in England, firstly as Curate of Eythorne, Kent, and then as Vicar of Northbourne, Kent, from 1877 until his death, where he was greatly loved by his parishioners.  Until the Woods moved to Northbourne Rectory, they lived at Saint Ninian’s, or King’s Lodging, Sandwich, a 15th century house located on Strand Street.  It came into the family in the early 1800s and was sold in 1900 a few years after Thomas’ death.

Thomas died at Northbourne on 5th February 1894, aged 79.

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