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Isabelle Goldie WOOD (née MURRAY) (1828-1912)

Known As
Aunt Isabel
Biographical Details

Isabelle Goldie Wood, née Murray (1828-1912), was the aunt by marriage of Eugénie Sladden (née Mourilyan).

Isabelle Murray was born in London on 18th June 1828, the third of six children of James Murray and his wife, Clarissa (née Goldie).  She was baptized at St Pancras on 10th August 1828.

Isabelle was aged only six when her father died.  In 1851 she was living in Regents Square, London, with her widowed mother and two sisters.

On 30th July 1863 at St George, Bloomsbury, London, Isabelle married the Reverend Thomas Wood, 13 years her senior, who had been widowed twice and had six children by his two previous marriages.  Reverend Wood’s second wife was Sophia Goldie who was Isabelle’s first cousin (Isabelle’s mother, Clarissa, was the sister of Sophia’s father, Andrew).

Isabelle and Thomas lived firstly at the Wood family home, St Ninians (also known as King’s Lodging) in Strand Street, Sandwich.  Here, Isabelle gave birth to four children, but sadly all died in infancy.  In 1877, the Woods moved to Northbourne Rectory.

Thomas died at Northbourne on 5th February 1894, aged 79.  In 1911 Isabelle and her step-daughter, Edith, were living at Chandlers Ford, Hampshire, in the home of Isabelle’s niece, Clarissa Stott.  Isabelle died at Chandlers Ford on 28th February 1912, aged 83.

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