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Henry Tate MANLEY (1869-1937)

Known As
Colonel Manley
Biographical Details

Henry Tate Manley (1869-1937), was the husband of the first-cousin-once-removed of Mela Brown Constable (fiancée of Cyril Sladden).  He is mentioned in a few letters written by Mela in May 1915.

Henry was born on 6th November 1869 in Belfast, County Antrim, the son of Henry Cunningham Manley and his wife, Annabel (née Tate).

In 1905, Henry married Jane Isabella Knolles in Kinsale, Ireland.  At the time of the 1911 census, they were living at 6 Prince of Wales Mansions, Battersea Park; they had no children.

Henry served with the Royal Inniskillen Fusiliers, the Lancashire Fusiliers and Yorkshire Light Infantry, being gazetted as 2nd Lieutenant on 17th April 1895, gazetted as Captain on 1st December 1897, and gazetted as Brevet Major on 20th June 1900.  From September 1914 to November 1915 Henry was temporary Lieutenant-Colonel in command of the 8th Battalion King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry.  The Manleys were based at Aldershot in May 1915 and were visited by Jane’s cousin, Dora Brown Constable.

Henry died at 10 Quain Mansions, Queen’s Club Gardens, Kensington, on 24th January 1937.

Letters mentioning this person: