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Iris Gwendoline; Charles Desmond Norcott BUTLER (1901-1983; 1904-1976)

Known As
The children
Biographical Details

Iris Gwendoline Butler (1901-1983) and Charles Desmond Norcott Butler (1904-1976) were the great-niece and great-nephew of Eugénie Sladden, being the children of her nephew, Charles Rupert Butler.  They are referred to as “the children” in a letter of 29th March 1915 by their grandmother, Fanny Butler.

Iris was born on 17th November 1901 and Charles on 19th April 1904.  They were aged 13 and ten respectively when their father died suddenly on 19th March 1915.

Iris married Campbell Shaw, an ophthalmic surgeon.  In 1939, they were living in Bournemouth.  Campbell died in 1969 and Iris in 1983 in Bournemouth.

Charles married firstly Peggy Gregson in 1927 in London, from whom he was divorced in 1930.  He then married Frances Elizabeth A Temple in 1930 and had four children.  In 1939 they were living at Woodside, Amersham, and Charles was described as a factory manager.  Charles died in 1976 and Frances in 2000.

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