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Marjory Elizabeth Mary SLADDEN (later DANVERS) (1904-1988)

Biographical Details

Marjory Elizabeth Mary Sladden (1904-1988) was the great-niece of Julius Sladden, being the granddaughter of Julius’ elder brother, Dilnot (1842-1906).

Marjory Sladden was born on 13th January 1904 in the New Plymouth district of New Zealand, the eldest of three children of Lewis Coster Sladden and his wife, Frances Mary Adams (née Cornwall).

Marjory is mentioned in the diary of her first-cousin-once-removed, May Sladden, when she visited with “Aunt Lottie” (May’s aunt and Marjory’s great-aunt) from England in 1905-1906.

Marjory came to live in England and married Christopher Culworth B Danvers in the Westminster district of London in 1947.  Christopher died at Bosham, West Sussex, in 1983, and Marjory died in 1988, aged 83.

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