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Charles BUTLER (1813-1882)

Known As
Mr Butler
Biographical Details

Charles Butler (1813-1882) was the father-in-law of Fanny Butler (née Mourilyan), who was the sister of Eugénie Sladden.

Charles was born at St Sepulchre, Middlesex, in 1813, the son of Daniel Butler and his wife, Sarah (née Kelsey).  He was baptized at St Sepulchre on 15th February 1813.

In 1834, Charles founded the firm of Lambert & Butler with Charles Lambert (1814-1887), manufacturing cigars.  They were based initially at 38 St John Street, Clerkenwell, and then from 1836 from their premises in Drury Lane, by which time they had begun to manufacture tobacco as well as cigars.  During the 19th century, Lambert & Butler grew considerably.  At the Great Exhibition of 1851, they showcased their English cigars, made from Havana tobacco.  

On 19th October 1842, at Beddington with Wallington, Surrey, Charles married Susannah Sarah Lambert, who was the sister of his business partner.  They had four sons and five daughters:  Emma (184401925), Susannah (1845-1939), Charles (1848-1898), Helen (1849-1929), Annie (1851-1855), Harry (1855-1939), Walter (1858-1913), Frederick (1860-1945) and Mabel (1864-1950).

The Butler family lived at 142 Drury Lane in 1851 and at Hollyfield, Ewell Road, Kingston, at the time of the 1861, 1871 and 1881 census.

Charles Butler died at Kingston-upon-Thames on 3rd July 1882.  Two of his sons, Charles and Walter, carried on the family firm.  Charles’ widow, Susannah, died on 12th April 1898.

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