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Charles Kenneth CAPON (1915-1988)

Biographical Details

Charles Kenneth Capon (1915-1988), known as Kenneth, was the great-nephew of Eugénie Sladden, being the son of her niece, Winifred Capon.

Kenneth was born on 15th December 1915, the second of two sons of Ted and Winnie Butler.  He is mentioned in two letters written by his grandmother, once on 2nd December 1915 concerning his imminent arrival and once on 22nd March 1916 regarding his christening.  His aunt and uncle, Evie and Herbert Smith, and a Mr Painter, were the godparents.

Kenneth was educated Radley College which he left in 1932.  After a brief period at the Royal College of Music, he trained at the Architectural Association School in London.  He was one of the founder members in 1939 of the Architects’ Co-operative Partnership from which he retired in 1983.  One of his major projects was the design of the buildings for Essex University.

During the Second World War, he served with the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve.  He married Naomi Mattuck in 1945 and they had a son.

Kenneth died on 9th May 1988 while on holiday in Turkey; his death was registered in Istanbul.  His death came 15 months after that of his wife.

Letters mentioning this person: