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India - Simla: Oakover

Oakover, Simla
Oakover, Simla (Samuel Bourne, 1863) © Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Oakover is a building in Simla, India, where Cyril Sladden went to convalesce in June 1916 after being wounded in Mesopotamia.

In a letter of 1st June 1916 written whilst still in hospital in Poona, Cyril wrote:  “My name has been sent up to secure a place in the bungalow which is being opened from today to accommodate nine officers on sick leave.  A Committee of ladies in Simla have arranged it and the superintendent is a trained nurse who can look after anybody who still needs it.  The financing is being done by the War Fund which has a standing arrangement with a large number of clubs and hotels all over India, whereby the officers pay two rupees a day and the fund makes up the remainder.”

Oakover was towards the eastern end of Simla, on the western slopes of Jakhoo Hill.  It was once the residence of the Maharaja of Patiala.  Today it is the official residence of the Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister.

An article of 7th October 2016  in “Hill Post – News and Views from Northern Hills of India” gives information on the building today.  From a sketch in the article it seems that the building has been much extended.

Letters mentioning this place: