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Turkey - Erzerum

Erzurum is a city in eastern Turkey and is the largest city in Erzurum Province. In World War I it was the scene of the Battle of Koprukoy which resulted in a Russian victory in January 1916.  Letters written by Eugénie Sladden, Kathleen Sladden, Cyril Sladden and Mela Brown Constable in February 1916 referred to the fall of Erzurum. 

The Battle of Koprukoy took place 10th-18th January 1916 when the Russian General, Yudenich, took the opportunity (the winter not normally being a time for military activity in this part of the world because of the bitter cold and terrible roads) to take the Ottomans by surprise and destroyed a division that was in winter quarters at Erzurum.  The Erzurum success made people feel that the enemy’s position in the Near East was weakened.

Erzurum is situated 1757 metres (5766 feet) above sea level and today has some of the finest winter sports facilities in Turkey. 

Letters mentioning this place: