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Worcestershire - Blockley

Blockley is a village in the Cotswolds ten miles to the south-east of Badsey.

In September 1915, Jack Sladden was travelling from Evesham to London on the train and passed through Honeybourne and Blockley.  He mentioned some fellow passengers who had omitted to change at Honeybourne for Birmingham.  These days it is no longer possible to get off the train at Blockley but, until the 1960s, one could.  In April 1917, Julius Sladden bumped into Mrs Clara Byrd on Blockley station who used to be a neighbour in Badsey but now lived at Paxford near Blockley.

In 1854, Blockley railway station was opened by the Oxford, Worcester & Wolverhampton Railway (later part of the Great Western Railway) on the line from Oxford to Worcester.

British Railways closed Blockley station in 1966 but the railway remains open as part of the Cotswold Line.  The nearest railway station still open is Moreton-in-Marsh.

Letters mentioning this place: