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ORDWAY - Wickhamford top ten 1500s

The name Ordway first appears in Wickhamford parish records in 1540; the last incidence is in 1595, though there is a marriage record for 1608 in Badsey.

Family 1

John Ordway was married to Agnes.  They had at least three children:  Agnes (?-1552), Walter (?-1553) and Richard (1540).  Agnes died in 1554 and John died in 1555.  In his will proved at Worcester, John was described as a husbandman.

Family 2

Edward Ordway had at least a son and three daughters:  John (?-1597), Elizabeth (1548-1548), Joan (1549) and Jane (1551-1551).  Edward died at Wickhamford in 1586.

  • John Ordway (?-1597), son of Edward, married Mary Smith at Badsey in 1572.  It is possible that John may have been married before.  In July 1556 and July 1558 the Wickhamford burial registers record that Alice Ordway, wife of John Ordway, was buried.  These may have been two separate women, but they may have been just one; the register was not written up until 1600 by a scribe who was working from notes kept by the Curate over 40 years earlier.  John and Mary had four daughters, all born at Wickhamford:  Agnes (1574-1595), Alice (15761576), Elizabeth (1579) and Agnes (1582).  John died at Wickhamford in 1597.

Family 3

Later in the century, an Edward Ordway was married to Joan and they had a son and daughter:  Margaret (1584) and John (1586-1582).  It is possible that he is the same person as the Edward Ordway above.  The Parish Registers are not very clear and Joan supposedly died in 1579, so this date needs checking.  Likewise the baptism and burial dates for their son, John, do not match up.


  • An "Alice Ordway alias Booker, wife of Thomas Ordway alias Booker" was buried at Wickhamford in 1580.

The name of Ordway had died out in Wickhamford by the end of the 16th century.


Maureen Spinks, May 2019