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Valuation Survey - Wickhamford (assessment number 1086)

Assessment Number
National Archives Field Book Reference
Date Inspected
23 May 1912
Present-day Address or Approximate Location
Adjoining Sandys Arms Inn - site of Coronation Villa

Property description

Estimated Extent
0a 3r 0p
Adjoining Sandys Arms Inn - site of Coronation Villa
Land, about 7 chains (without house in 1909), on which Coronation Villa has now been built; there was only a glasshouse in 1909.

Occupier, owner and rent details

Occupier's name
Owner's Name
Address of Owner (as in Valuation Book or Provisional Valuation)
c/o Executors of George Pethard, Messrs Byrch, Cox & Sons, Solicitors, Evesham
Rent Amount
Included in 970

Valuation details

Gross Value (amount which the land might be expected to make on the open market, free of any encumbrances)£70
Full Site Value (amount which remained after deducting the value of the buildings, etc, from the gross value of the land)£55
Total Value (gross value, with deductions made for any fixed charges, rights of way and rights of common)£70
Assessable Site Value£55
Deductions for other things growing or on the land (when working out the full site value)£15
Deductions made for fixed charges, etc (when working out the Total Value)£15

Provisional valuation and sale details

Provisional Valuation Date Confirmed
29 Jun 1912
Sale Notes
Passed for Estate Duty at £400

Additional information

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