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Valuation Survey - Wickhamford (assessment number 970)

Assessment Number
National Archives Field Book Reference
Date Inspected
23 May 1912
Present-day Address or Approximate Location
Former Sandys Arms, 1 Pitchers Hill

Property description

Inn, Workshops & Agricultural Land
Estimated Extent
0a 2r 0p
Interest of Owner
The Sandys Arms Inn
Brick and tile house, roughcast outside: front projecting porch opening into middle kitchen, stone floor, also kitchen with tessellated floor, bar, small room at back of middle kitchen, private saloon room at side of middle kitchen, 2 cellars practically on the ground floor, covered way alley to old brewhouse, stone floor open to the roof (roof bad). Brick and tile 2 horse stable with loft over; old brick and tile workshop, only entrance from street and now used as storehouse; brick and tile earth closet; old board and tile wood sheds etc (valueless), village water supply, 2 bedrooms with another room partitioned off from passage with borrowed lights; west wall is quite wet. Fair garden and fruit trees. See also 1086 which covers the paddock on which Coronation Villa is now built. Original notes see Webb No 10 [not available].

Occupier, owner and rent details

Occupier's name
Owner's Name
Address of Owner (as in Valuation Book or Provisional Valuation)
Rent Amount
£36 (includes 1086 estimated rent)
Date of former sales (prior to Lady Day 1909) and cost
1893 (house) & 1905 (paddock) - £750 & £52 (subsequent expenditure: c£50 (for fencing and planting new hedge c£25))

Valuation details

Gross Value (amount which the land might be expected to make on the open market, free of any encumbrances)£1166
Full Site Value (amount which remained after deducting the value of the buildings, etc, from the gross value of the land)£46
Total Value (gross value, with deductions made for any fixed charges, rights of way and rights of common)£1160
Assessable Site Value£40
Deductions for buildings and structures (when working out the full site value)£1095
Deductions for fruit trees (when working out the full site value)£10
Deductions for other things growing or on the land (when working out the full site value)£15
Deductions made for fixed charges, etc (when working out the Total Value)£1120
Deductions made for things such as easements, tithes, public rights of way when arriving at market value£6 (tithes £4; farm rent £2)

Additional information

Land Valuation Survey Maps
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Photos of the property
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