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Worcestershire – Bretforton: St Leonard’s Church

Two men from Badsey are recorded on the war memorial in St Leonard’s Church, Bretforton:  Second Lieutenant Hubert Gaukroger and Company-Quartermaster Charles Henry Robbins.

Hubert Gaukroger had moved to Badsey in 1906 when he first arrived in the Vale and then moved to Bretforton in 1911 after his marriage.  He was married to Eva Byrd, who was from a prominent Badsey family, which is why his name is thought to be on the Badsey Memorial as well as the Bretforton one.

Charles Robbins was born in Badsey and attended Badsey School.  Following the death of his mother in 1896, the family was split up and went to live with relatives in Bretforton.  Unlike Hubert Gaukroger, his name is not on the memorial in Badsey Church, though arguably he had just as much right.  Neither is his name on the memorial in Badsey School.

The current stone tablet was erected by the Bretforton branch of the Royal British Legion in 1971 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Legion, 1921-1971, and is thought to have replaced an earlier war memorial.