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Individuals - Other Items

BALLARD - The Ballards of Worcestershire Family Tree from 1500
BARNARD/GORIN/GOLDSTRAW - Miscellaneous photographs 1920s-1960s
BINYON, Charles Arthur - photograph, 1950s, in the Vicarage garden
BINYON/CAVE - Postcard from Charles Binyon to Mrs H J Cave
BIRD, John - Copy of painting of Badsey Fish and Chip shop c1962
BIRD, John - Four photos of paintings of Badsey done from memory
BIRD, John - Letter enclosing copies of three photos of the shop and vehicles kept by his father in the 1930s
BYRD, Henry - "Field Book"
CHURCHILL/SMITH, Norah - Photograph of Miss Churchill, Miss Smith, Mrs Churchill at Weston-super-Mare, c1960
CLEMENTS, Allan - Autograph Book (1961)
CLEMENTS, Harry - Account Book (1947-56)
CLEMENTS, Michael - "The Chorister's Pocket Book"
CRANE, Evelyn & BARNARD, Evelyn - Two Evelyns in Badsey
CRISP, A J - Share Certificate for Badsey, Aldington and Wickhamford Legion Club Ltd
FIELD, Annie L. - Wedding Photograph & British Cross Certificate
GARDINER, Charles Gardiner - tape recording of interview about evacuees
HAINES, Norris - WW1 post card to his wife in Wickhamford 1917
HALL, Percy John, Arthur, George - Photograph (copy) of Percy John Hall and his sons, Arthur and George Hall
HARDIMAN, John - Invoice (copy) to Thomas Byrd for Badsey Field Farm, 19th December 1888
HILL, Frederick and Mary Jane - Photograph of PC Hill and his wife
HILL, Winifred/Lucy - Photograph of the daughters of PC Hill, outside the County Police Station
HOBY - Article on the Hobys of Evesham and of Bisham by E A B Barnard, 1935 (copy)
HOBY - Booklet on Heraldry of the Hoby Memorials, Bisham, and copy article of the memorials in Badsey Church
JONES, Arthur E. - "Lines by a Naturalist"
KEEN/HOLLEY/CRAWFORD - Photograph of four ladies and a boy at Seward House
KNIGHT, George Henry - Market Gardener's Sales Book, 7 Belmont Terrace, Badsey
KNIGHT, Horace Lionel - Photograph of Lionel Knight and Evesham Rural District Council employees c1970
LOVATT, Michael - DVD recording of "Stanway Mill" 2013
MARTIN, Ivor - Photographs of the Knight family in the early 1900s
McDONALD, Margaret - Pupil Teacher Memorandum of Agreement
MOORE, Doreen - Bygone Days, by Doreen Moore (née Ballard)
MUSTOE - photo of the Mustoe family outside The Royal Oak Inn, late 1890s
OLDAKER, Richard - Copy death certificate for Richard Oldaker, 1860
OLDAKER, Samuel - Copy death certificate for Samuel Oldaker, 1839
OLDAKER/SIMPSON - Copy marriage certificate for Louisa Oldaker and John Cornelius Simpson, 1861
OSBORNE, Mavis - School Exercise Book, Geography Notes
OSBORNE, Mavis - School Exercise Book, History and Geography
OSBORNE, Mavis - School Exercise Book, History Notes
OSBORNE, Mavis - School Exercise Book, Nature Study
PAGE, Roy - A Badsey Man from London
PETHARD, Doug - Article in Worcester City Football Club Programme
PHILLIPS, Richard - 2004 Problem Pictures Calendar
PHILLIPS, Richard - 2005 Problem Pictures Mathematics Calendar
PHILLIPS, Richard - 2006 Problem Pictures Mathematics Calendar
PHILLIPS, Richard - 2016 Problem Pictures Mathematics Calendar
PHILLIPS, Richard - 2017 Problem Pictures Mathematics Calendar
PHILLIPS, Richard Julian - "Tribute and Memory of Richard" by Robin Neill
PLUMMER, Jean - obituary
ROBINSON, Harry - Milk bottle from Badsey Manor Dairy
RUDGE, Charles Edward - Hymn sheet for the funeral, 18th December 1909
SADLER, Arthur Franklin - copy photograph of Arthur Sadler and asparagus
SADLER, Thomas - copy photograph of Arthur Sadler and asparagus
SEARS, Beatrice Alice & BIRD, Lilian Maud – photograph of Mrs Arthur Sears & Miss Bird, c1910
SEWARD, Benjamin - A sermon occasioned by his death in 1753 (copy)
SEWARD - Documents relating to the 18th century Seward family of Badsey (copy)
SEWARD - Seward's Charity in favour of the Particular Baptists 1754 (copy)
SEWARD, William - Email correspondence with Reverend Brian Reardon concerning William Seward, Methodist martyr
SEWARD, William - Photographs of St Mary's Church, Cusop, and memorial plaque to William Seward
SLADDEN, Ethel - Copy of a post card from Burrington Combe from Cyril Sladden
SLADDEN, Julius - Postcard of Worcester Cathedral sent by Julius Sladden 1904 to Ethel Sladden, Seward House
SMITH, George - Royal Artillery soldier in the Battle of Waterloo
SMITH, Norah - Photograph of Norah Smith outside The Wheatsheaf
SPARROW, Philip - Philip Sparrow's Story, prisoner-of-war story
STANFORD/CRISP - Stanford and Crisp families of Badsey by Valerie Magan
TAYLOR, Mick - Minty's Tales, Recollections of Post War Life in a Worcestershire Hamlet
TUCKER, Anna - personal photograph collection of Badsey events in the 1980s
TUCKER Anna - personal slide collection of Badsey events
WILSON, Edward - Transcript of the Diary of Lieutenant Edward Wilson
YEATES, D - Postcard of a country scene sent to Miss D Yeates of Fair View, Brewers Road, Badsey