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Badsey First School

Badsey First School has had its present name since 1975. It was previously known as Badsey County Primary School (1947-1975), Badsey Council School (1903-1947), Badsey Board School (1893-1903) and The United Badsey, Aldington and Wickhamford National School (1854-1893). The records relate mainly to Badsey First School. They also contain a few items with respect to the Nursery School and the Out-of-School Club. A large number of records (early admissions registers, log books, Governor minutes, etc) which had previously been at the school were deposited at the Worcestershire Record Office in 2003 by the Head Teacher, Mrs Elizabeth Spencer. For more information about the history of the school, see Heads and Tales, A History of Badsey Schools by Maureen Spinks, published by The Badsey Society in 2004 (available online or at The Spar Shop, Badsey).

19th Century Extracts from the School Log Book, Badsey School
Badsey First School Book bag
Badsey First School Calendar 2005
Badsey First School, Governors' Report to Parents and Minutes of Annual Parents' Meeting
Badsey First School PE bag
Badsey First School Prospectus 1982
Badsey First School Prospectus 1997
Badsey First School Right from the Start
Badsey First School uniform - polo shirt
Badsey First School uniform - sweatshirt
Badsey First School uniform - trousers
Book of paintings - Badsey Council School 1904 - 37
DfEE leaflet Home-School Agreements and accompanying letter from Headteacher and Home-School Agreement
DVD of Mrs Goldstraw's Nursery 1968, School Fete 1968, Sports Day 1971, Christmas Concert 1997, Sports Day 1998
Invitation to Elizabeth Spencer's Farewell 2010
Maths at Home and School, Badsey First School, Parents' Numeracy Evening, 2002
News article 2000 Oct 5 - Fond farewell
News article 2001 Dec 6 - Milepost plan
News article 2002 Feb 7 - High winds hit village school
News article 2002 Feb 14 - Governors meet on school safety
News article 2002 Apr 4 - Pupils bid farewell
News article 2002 May 9 - New head's delight
News article 2002 Jul 5 - Summer fete
News article 2003 - Photo mystery is solved
News article 2004 Apr 15 - Friends, Romans … lend me your years 3, 4, 5
News article 2004 May 13 - Learning and life is suite at school
News article 2004 Jul 16 - Safer route to school for Badsey children
News article 2004 Jul 22 - 30 years of campaigning on road, Betty sees her dream realised
News article 2004 Nov 4 - Warm and caring ethos at Vale school
News article 2005 May 20 - Pupils are marvellous with their mosaics in art
News article 2005 Jul 8 - School is on the mark for its arts
News article 2005 Dec 15 - Town striker presents prizes
News article 2005 Dec 29 - Pupils end the term with a VE Day party
News article 2006 Feb 9 - Teacher David hopes to chalk up marathon
News article 2006 Mar 10 - Mr Holley is quizmaster
News article 2006 Jun 15 - Pupils skip to it in aid of heart charity
News article 2006 Jul 13 - Getting plenty of fresh air
News article 2006 Oct 12 - Winning poster is on the right track
News article 2006 Oct 13 - Art of noise opens window to different environments
News article 2006 Dec 21 - Nativity play
News article 2007 Apr 12 - Pupils have fun hunting for eggs
News article 2007 Jun 20 - Song and dance for summer fete
News article 2007 Jun 28 - Badsey youngsters triumph at tournament
News article 2007 Nov 16 - Pupils get plot with re-enactment
News article 2007 Dec 7 - School celebrates good Ofsted report
News article 2008 Jan 17 - School dates back to 17th century
News article 2008 Mar 27 - Pupils sing together at schools' music festival
News article 2008 Jul 4 - Pupils say 'bonjour' to guests
News article 2008 Aug 1 - Pupils shine at arts showcase
News article 2008 Oct 9 - Reception class
News article 2011 Apr 28 - Royal wedding Vale
News article 2011 Dec 15 - Children help revamp Remembrance Hall
News Article 2013 May - "School's delight at Ofsted report"
News Article 2015 Jan - "More school years"
News article 2015 August - "Badsey Pride"
News article 2016 Dec 22 - Inspirational headteacher calls it a day
Out-of-School Club - Information for Parents/Carers, 1997
Out-of-School Club - Information, Newsletters, 1997-2000
"Peace Day Centenary Afternoon Tea" - Invitation for 19th July 2019
Photograph - children on Badsey School Playing Field
Photograph - Coronation day party in the school playground, 1937
Photograph - Games lesson in the playground, c1950-1953
Photograph - group of top class boys at Weston-super-Mare on annual school trip, 1954
Photograph - group of top class girls and boy at Weston-super-Mare on annual school trip, 1954
Photograph - group of top class girls and boy at Weston-super-Mare on annual school trip, 1954
Photograph - late 19th century teachers and children
Programme - Christmas Concert 1999, Holy Joe
Programme - Christmas Concert 2001 and ticket, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
Programme - Christmas Concert 2002, Beauty and the Beast
Programme - Christmas Concert 2006, Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf
Programme - Remembrance Service 2002
Programme - Sports Day 1998
Programme - Sports Day 1999
Programme - Sports Day 2000
PTA Newsletter 1992 - Spring/Summer Term
PTA Newsletter 1994 - January
PTA Programme 1995 - Grand Centenary Fete
Queen Elizabeth II and HRH Prince Philip Diamond Wedding commemorative token given to schoolchildren
Record of Cases of Corporal Punishment, Badsey Infant School, 1900-1938
Schools' CD 2004 featuring Badsey First School
Scrapbook containing photos of Badsey First School Millennium celebrations 2000
Ticket - Christmas Concert 2002, Beauty and the Beast
Transcript of School Registers - Badsey, 1890-?