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1905c – Photo of Badsey Council School, Group 1


The original donor of this photograph is unknown.  The wording on the slate says, “Council School, Badsey, Group 1”.  There are no names on the back of the photograph, but we know from the late Pat Goldstraw (née Barnard) that it features primarily the Agg, Barnard, Brewer, Crisp, Keen and Marshall families.  As in previous years, it is assumed that family groups were put together for the purposes of the phgotography, in order to minimise the cost for parents.

  • Front Row: Fred Barnard, -, George Brewer (holding slate), William Keen, Steve Brewer, -, Harry Crisp.
  • Second Row: Miss Millicent Pethard (Pupil Teacher), Hilda Brewer, Ethel Barnard, Nellie Agg, Rose Brewer, Lena Crisp, -, -, -, Miss McDonald.
  • Third Row: Nellie Marshall, Cecilia Barnard, -, -, -, ? Keen, Mr McDonald.
  • Back row: Unknown man (there were no male members of staff at that time and, whilst the school did train two male Pupil Teachers, they were not at the school during this period), -, -, -, George Marshall, -, -, -, -.

This photograph also appears on page 59 of Heads and Tales:  A History of Badsey Schools.

Publication Date/Date Made
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14 cm x 9 cm
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Sepia postcard
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Paul Brazier
Brazier family collection
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January 2020
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