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Brazier Family Archive

In May 1971, David and Iris Brazier organised a village history exhibition at which a number of photos of people and places in Badsey and Aldington were featured.  A report of the event appeared in the Parish Magazine of July 1971.  The Brazier family had been very involved in the community since moving to Badsey in 1934 when David’s father, Albert Jesse Brazier, to set up the family building business.  Following the recent death of Iris Brazier, some of the items from this collection have been donated to The Badsey Society.  See also Miscellaneous items from the Brazier family for items donated via the Church.

19th century – Photo of one woman and seven men working in St James' churchyard
1885 – Photo of interior of St James’ Church, Badsey
1888 – Article about a presentation to the Reverend T H Hunt, former Vicar of Badsey
1890s – Leaflet containing inscription on the tombstone of Penelope Washington in Wickhamford Church
1894c – Photo of Sladden Family in garden at Seward House
1896 – Photo of the Wilkins’ Twins
1902 – Photo of Rose Garden Fete at Seward House
1902c – Photo of horse and carriage outside Seward House
1905c – Photo of Badsey Council School, Group 1
1908c – Photo of Vicar and group of men working in St James’ churchyard
1908c – Photo of Vicar and group of parishioners in St James’ churchyard
1909c – Postcard of Primrose League Fete
1910 – Postcard of the Thomas Hunt Memorial Cross in Badsey Churchyard
1910c – Photo of Mrs Eugénie Sladden in the garden of Seward House
1913c – Photo of Lewis Stribblehill and Ernest Pillinger with Frederick Stewart cart
1919c – Photo of Mr & Mrs Griffin
1920s – Photo of Aldington Mill
1920s – Postcard of the Manor House, Badsey
1921c – Photo of Sunday School Outing
1924 – Photo of Badsey Council School, Group 2
1924 – Photo of Badsey Council School, Group 5
1927c – Photo of High Street, Badsey
1930s – Photo of Badsey Flower Show Committee
1930s – Photo of Bill Merriman and his horse and cart
1935 – Invitation to Aldington Silver Jubilee Celebration
1938 – Photo of Alfred Sparrow and guests at his 90th birthday celebration
1938 – Photos of Alfred Sparrow, Emma Keen and William Mustoe
1940s – Photos of cottage demolished 1940s to make way for churchyard extension
1940sc – Photo of Cricketer
1941 – Photo of William Mustoe, Centenarian
1941 – Photo of William Mustoe with Miss Jane Thomas
1950s – Christmas Card of Norman Door, St James’ Church, Badsey
1950s – Photo of the former Sladden orchard on the corner of High Street and Brewers Lane, Badsey
1953 – Invitation to the Aldington Coronation Celebrations
1955 – Christmas Card of St James’ Church, Badsey
1960s – Christmas Card of Seward House, Badsey
1965 – Christmas Card of the Blacksmith’s Forge, Badsey
1971 – Booklet, History of Badsey in Photographs