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1939 Register - Badsey 1939 (schedule QKGS/207)

Schedule Number
Address in Register
Manor House
Present-day Address
The Manor House, 4 High Street, Badsey
Sub No Name Sex Date of Birth Status Personal Occupation Surname Change
1 John K JONES M 3 Jun 1899 Married Market Gardener (in Company with Father)
2 Winifred V JONES F 24 May1910 Married Unpaid Domestic Duties
3 Record closed
4 Record closed
5 Sheila J K JONES F 23 Apr 1939 Single Under school age DICKENS
Badsey Society notes:
Amended later to Sheila Jane Kelland
6 George A LIVERSIDGE M 9 Nov 1912 Single Royal Air Forace, Castle Bromwich, No 562180, Corporal
Photos of the house
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2008 photo
1968 photo
1968 photo