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Blackminster 1939

Registration District: Evesham Rural District Council

Enumeration District: QKGR

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No. Address on Census Present-day Address Surnames of People in Household
QKGR/176 Blackminster Lime Trees, Station Road, Blackminster SMITH; TAPLIN
QKGR/177 Lukia, Blackminster Longridge, Station Road, Blackminster HIGGINS
QKGR/178 Elmar, Blackminster Elmar, Station Road, Blackminster BUNTING; HIDEN
QKGR/179 Blackminster Orchard House, Station Road, Blackminster TOLKIEN
QKGR/180 Havenstone, Blackminster Havenstone, Station Road, Blackminster GOODALL
QKGR/181 Fair View, Blackminster Fairview, Station Road, Blackminster PERKINS; DICKEN
QKGR/182 Sunny Lea, Blackminster Greenpatch, Station Road, Blackminster CASSIDY
QKGR/183 Casaletta, Blackminster Maybank, Station Road, Blackminster CHARLWOOD; STACEY; SMALL
QKGR/184 Victoria Cottage, Blackminster Victoria Cottage, Station Road, Blackminster CHARLWOOD
QKGR/185 Victoria Cottage, Blackminster Corner House, Station Road, Blackminster KNIGHT; BEDDIS
QKGR/186 Victoria Cottage, Blackminster Corner House, Station Road, Blackminster MEAD
QKGR/187 Cosey Dene, Blackminster Cosey Dene, Blackminster CARELESS
QKGR/188 Glendale, Blackminster Glendale, Blackminster
QKGR/189 Leaholme, Blackminster Leahome, Blackminster COCKERILL
QKGR/190 St Cadoc, Blackminster Greystones, Blackminster TUTTON
QKGR/191 Home Lea, Blackminster Fern Lodge, Blackminster WHEATLEY
QKGR/192 Glen Royd, Blackminster Appleden, Blackminster HARRISON
QKGR/193 Greyholme, Blackminster Greyholme, Blackminster SMITH
QKGR/194 Easton, Blackminster Easton, Blackminster HOUSE; TROTMAN
QKGR/195 Blackminster Shallan, Blackminster STEVENSON
QKGR/196 Tan-y-Fron, Blackminster Homemead, Blackminster McKANAN-JONES
QKGR/197 The Farm, Blackminster The Old Farm House, Blackminster BUTLER
QKGR/198 The Farm, Blackminster Rose Cottage, Blackminster GITTOS
QKGR/199 The Farm, Blackminster Ivanhoe, Blackminster DYSON; RICHARDSON