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Other Officiating Ministers

For much of the first half of the 19th century, the ecclesiastical benefices of Badsey (with Aldington) and Wickhamford suffered from having an absentee Vicar, Reverend Charles Phillott, who rarely visited the parish.  The work of the parish therefore fell upon the Curate.  During Reverend Phillott’s incumbency (1807-1851) there were no fewer than nine Curates.  From time to time, during an interregnum between Curates, or just when the Curate happened to be away, it was necessary to call upon local ministers to assist with church services.  Some ministers performed just one service, others such as the Reverend William Byrd, who was a resident of Badsey, officiated at 86 baptisms, marriages and burials.  Some ministers, who were not from the surrounding area, such as Thomas Cave Winscom and Godfrey Faussett, were resident in the parish, staying in the Vicarage during an interregnum.  Canon Faussett was so popular that St James’ Church, Badsey, was packed with parishioners, “the largest congregation ever seen by the oldest inhabitant in the village”.

Reverend Phillott was followed by the Reverend Thomas Hunt who was resident in the village and thus did not need to rely on the services of a Curate.  However, on times when he was away, he was ably assisted by local clergy from neighbouring parishes.

The following is a list of local ministers who helped out at Badsey and Wickhamford.  Information has been gleaned from the Clergy of the Church of England database, Ancestry, Findmypast and the British Newspaper Archive.