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Electoral rolls - Badsey, 1891

Notes on the 1891 Electoral Roll

The Electoral Roll is currently sorted by electoral number (ownership voters listed first alphabetically, followed by occupation voters); to sort on Name or Address, simply click on the column heading. To find out further details about the nature of the electoral qualification, click on the number. As a result of the 1888 Local Government Act, people were now able to vote in local government as well as parliamentary elections.

Who could vote in parliamentary elections

Males aged 21 years who were householders or £10 per annum lodgers.

Who couldn’t vote in parliamentary elections

Women; men aged 21 and over who didn’t meet the property requirement; men under 21; aliens; peers; lunatics; postmasters; election agents; male paupers; commissioners and those who collected Government revenues.

Number Name Address of Voter
54 APPELBEE, Arthur Sidney 7 Chilton Road, Snow Hill, Bath
55 APPELBEE, Horace Ridley 44 Rosslyn Hill, Hampstead, NW
56 APPELBEE, Herbert Edward Meville 4 Stafford Place, Buckingham Gate, SW
57 ATTWOOD, George King's Heath, Birmingham
58 BYRD, Henry The Brewery, Stratford-on-Avon
59 GEPP, Charles Granville Badsey
60 GIBBS, Arthur John 18 Shenley Road, Peckham Road, Camberwell, SE
61 GIBBS, Edward Appelbee 13 West Street, Stratford-on-Avon
62 GIBBS, Rowland Loxley 13 West Street, Stratford-on-Avon
63 GIBBS, William 78 Bearwood Hill, Smethwick
64 HALL, Thomas Badsey
65 HOOPER, George Frederick Knowle Hill, Evesham
66 SEARS, Thomas Badsey
67 SMITH, William Badsey
68 WILSON, Edward Badsey
69 ADDIS, George Badsey
70 AGG, Decimus Badsey
71 ASHWIN, William Henry Bretforton
72 BALLARD, Alfred Badsey
73 BALLARD, Charles Badsey
74 BARNARD, William Badsey
75 BELL, Edwin Badsey
76 BENNETT, William Badsey
77 BROOKS, Obadiah Badsey
78 BYRD, Charles Bridge Street, Evesham
79 BYRD, Henry Hampton, Evesham
80 BYRD, John Badsey
81 CANNING, John Kenelm Offenham
82 CHEVIS, Charles Badsey
83 COLLETT, William Badsey
84 CRANE, John Badsey
85 CRISP, Charles Badsey
86 CULL, John Ernest Badsey
87 FODEN, William Badsey
88 GEDEN, George Badsey
89 GEDEN, Henry Badsey
90 GEPP, Charles Granville Badsey
91 HALFORD, George Badsey
92 HALL, Charles Badsey
93 HALL, James Badsey
94 HALL, Joseph Badsey
95 HALL, Thomas Badsey
96 HALL, Thomas Badsey
97 HANCOX, Josiah Badsey
98 HARDIMAN, James Badsey
99 HARDIMAN, John Badsey
100 HARRIS, John Badsey
101 HARRIS, Thomas Badsey
102 HARTWELL, Charles Badsey
103 HARTWELL, Daniel Badsey
104 HARTWELL, George Badsey
105 HARTWELL, James Willersey, Broadway
106 HARTWELL, William (Junior) Badsey
107 HARTWELL, William (Senior) Badsey
108 HERBERT, James Badsey
109 HIGGINS, George Badsey
110 JELFS, Oliver Badsey
111 JINKS, William Badsey
112 JOHNS, Samuel Badsey
113 JONES, Charles Badsey
114 JONES, Joseph Badsey
115 KEEN, Henry Badsey
116 KEEN, John Badsey
117 KEEN, William Badsey
118 KEYTE, Charles Badsey
119 KEYTE, Herbert Badsey
120 KEYTE, John Badsey
121 KNIGHT, Charles Badsey
122 KNIGHT, Charles Badsey
123 KNIGHT, John Badsey
124 KNIGHT, John Badsey
125 KNIGHT, Malachi Badsey
126 KNIGHT, Richard Badsey
127 KNIGHT, William Badsey
128 LOWE, John Badsey
129 MARSHALL, Joseph Badsey
130 MARSHALL, Joshua Badsey
131 MARSHALL, Thomas Badsey
132 MASON, John Badsey
133 MELIN, Charles Badsey
134 MELIN, Thomas Badsey
135 MOISEY, Thomas Badsey
136 MYATT, William Bretforton
137 NIGHTINGALE, John Badsey
138 PAYNE, Charles Willersey, Broadway
139 PERKINS, James Badsey
140 PETHARD, James Badsey
141 PITCHER, George Badsey
142 POOL, John Badsey
143 ROBERTS, Richard Badsey
144 SADLER, Thomas Badsey
145 SALTER, John Badsey
146 SEARS, Benjamin Badsey
147 SEARS, Thomas (Junior) Badsey
148 SEARS, Thomas (Senior) Badsey
149 SHERWOOD, John Charles Bretforton
150 SLADDEN, Julius Badsey
151 SMITH, William Badsey
152 SPARROW, Alfred Badsey
153 STEWART, Henry Badsey