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Electoral rolls - Wickhamford, 1891

Notes on the 1891 Electoral Roll

The Electoral Roll is currently sorted by electoral number (ownership voters listed first alphabetically, followed by occupation voters); to sort on Name or Address, simply click on the column heading. To find out further details about the nature of the electoral qualification, click on the number. As a result of the 1888 Local Government Act, people were now able to vote in local government as well as parliamentary elections.

Who could vote in parliamentary elections

Males aged 21 years who were householders or £10 per annum lodgers.

Who couldn’t vote in parliamentary elections

Women; men aged 21 and over who didn’t meet the property requirement; men under 21; aliens; peers; lunatics; postmasters; election agents; male paupers; commissioners and those who collected Government revenues.

Number Name Address of Voter
472 LORD, Arthur Edward Bles Beck, Hallow, Worcester
473 LORD, Charles Sylvester 3 Foregate Street, Worcester
474 LORD, Frederick John (Rev) 4 Southwold Road, Upper Clapton, London
475 LORD, Henry Ingram 3 Foregate Street, Worcester
476 LORD, Walter Harold 2nd Worcestershire Regiment
477 SMITH, William Murcott, Gloucestershire
478 BAILEY, Henry Wickhamford
479 BROOKES, Francis Wickhamford
480 BULLOCK, Frederick William Wickhamford
481 BYRD, Charles Wickhamford
482 CARTER, Benjamin Wickhamford
483 DUNN, Oliver Wickhamford
484 FARMAN, James Wickhamford
485 FINCH, John Wickhamford
486 HAMPTON, Josiah Wickhamford
487 HARTWELL, William Wickhamford
488 HOOPER, Frederick Knowle Hill, Bengeworth, Evesham
489 MASON, John Wickhamford
490 PETHARD, George Wickhamford
491 POPE, John Wickhamford
492 POPE, Joseph Clarkenleap, Worcester
493 SHERWOOD, Daniel Wickhamford
494 SMITH, John Wickhamford
495 SMITH, William Murcott, Gloucestershire
496 TAYLOR, Frederick Wickhamford
497 TAYLOR, Robert Wickhamford
498 TOMLINSON, David Wickhamford
499 WALTERS, Charles Wickhamford
500 WHITE, John Wickhamford
501 WINNETT, Richard Wickhamford